Introducing sObject-Remote for Visualforce JavaScript Remoting


I’ve been doing a lot more client side dev lately and a big piece of this is working with JavaScript Remoting. While doing this work I found that doing basic CRUD operations with JavaScript Remoting was not as simple as it could be. I didn’t want to have to wire up insert, query, update, and delete functions for each type of object I was working with. I wanted a lightweight and fast JavaScript library that was completely dynamic and allows you to build and entire app client side utitlizing basic CRUD operations.

The result of this need is a small JavaScript library I created called sObject-Remote.

sObject-Remote is up on github now and I encourage you to take a look and kick the tires. There should be plenty of examples in the readme to give you an idea of how this library can be used. Here are a couple basic examples:

Create and Insert a record:

var acct = new sObject('Account',{Name: 'test', Industry: 'Aerospace'});

Query Records:

sObject.query('select Id, Name, Owner.Name from Account where Industry = \'Aerospace\' limit 5',function(sObjects,event){
    //Loop through the records returned by the query
    for(var i = 0; i < sObjects.length; i++){

Some of the highlights:

- Super simple sObject management for JavaScript
- Currently supports 4 basic CRUD operations (more DML operations to come)
- Supports DML options
- Works with any JavaScript framework
- No 3rd party JavaScript library dependencies

A good portion of this development was me becoming more familiar with JavaScript so I am definitely open to community feedback on how to make it better. Please report issues and let me know what you think.