Introducing Envy Apps & Schema Surfer


As you may have noticed the amount of content on this blog over the past few months has been a little lacking. Fear not! I am alive and all is well. In fact, I’ve got some exciting news. One of the reasons for not much happening here recently is that I’ve been focusing a decent amount of time spinning up a little company. And with that I’d like to introduce you to Envy Apps.

Right now Envy Apps is focused on building apps on and for the / platform. The idea is to build apps that you can’t live without, that you are envious of if you don’t have them. Man… I should have gone in to marketing ;-).

The first product released is Schema Surfer and it’s totally free, but payment in Belgium beers is totally accepted. It’s a great admin/dev tool that allows you to browse and view object metadata from directly within a 100% native app. No longer is there a need to open the IDE or some other 3rd party tool to view metadata information. Schema Surfer comes directly from my nearly 6 years of experience on the and platforms. There have been many times, especially when I am wearing my developer hat, when I need to quickly view metadata information. Is CollaborationGroup queryable? How is ProcessInstance related to ProcessInstanceStep? What object starts with the prefix 019? If you find yourself asking these types of questions this is the app for you. I built this app so maybe I am a little (a lot) biased but this is one of those apps that you may not think you need but then once you try it you can’t imagine being without it. I encourage you to take it for a spin, the test drive on the AppExchange listing is a great way to do this. If you like the app and you can’t contain your excitement feel free to leave a super friendly and helpful review. If you happen to have missed all of the links above you can get Schema Surfer from the AppExchange by clicking on the big image below:

You may have also notice that in the logo the [apps] is in bracket, like an array (I’m so crafty), which would seem to indicated there will be more than one app. There will, so stay tuned!