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Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was an admin/dev/general all around nice guy. He was working on a validation rule of epic proportions. This was not your normal validation rule. This was a validation rule that would literally take the human race to the next level of enlightenment. He made sure this validation rule looked beautiful. Spacing, line breaks, and indents where something to be marvel at. The comments included were as if they had been written by a great early 20th century author, along the likes of Ernest Hemingway perhaps. As you read the comments it was as if they transformed you into the computer system itself as the validation occurred.

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Finally, one special day arrived. To an outsider this day looked no different than any other. The weather was miserable rainy day and people went about their business like every other day of their normal lives. Yet for this one man, this day, was the day he had waited his entire life for. He had dreamed and fantasized about a day like this since his childhood. He always wondered what it would be like. What it would be like to move the most magnificent validation rule ever created to a production environment. His skin tingled with excitement. He was so very tempted to implement this validation rule directly in production but he resisted these urges with all of his might. He had waited too long to be rash with his actions. I must do this the right way he thought. The process of deploying had begun.

This individual was full of excitement but a bit of trepidation was also present as he began the deployment process. He constructed a change set. It in itself was a thing of beauty. A single change set with a single validation rule contained within. It was almost a shame to move on from this calm and tranquil place but he knew what he had to do. He uploaded the change set. Almost instantly he received an email letting him know his change set had been success fully uploaded. It felt as if his heart skipped a beat in this moment of excitement as he read these words. He quickly logged in to production and navigated to Inbound Change sets. A wave a panic overtook him. The change set was not there. How could this be he thought! The email said this change set had been successfully uploaded. In a flurry of mouse clicks and key strokes he re-read the email. Yes, it says the change set has been successfully uploaded but where is it! In a desperate attempt to find relief to the anxiety that was beginning to overtake his entire body he frantically reloaded the inbound change sets page ever two seconds. Finally after what felt like days and nights the change set became visible. His body became limp as the stiffening anxiety left his body. He wiped the thin layer of perspiration from his brow and prepared to proceed.

Usually he would validate before deployment but not this time. After waiting so long for the change set to become available he knew he was not mentally prepared to handle the suspense of waiting for a deployment validation to complete. He had to go straight for the deploy, it was the only way. The moment had come and it was as if time slowed down. His senses became heightened yet not overwhelmed and unimaginably focused. He heard the noises of an office around him. He felt the cool breeze of the air conditioning system blowing down the back of his neck. The mouse beneath his hand felt like the most powerful tool known to man. The mouse button clicked…it had begun.

During the deployment this individual had an unusual calmness. Everything was perfect. The rule was perfect. The logic was perfect. The testing was perfect. He was a master of his craft and he knew the deployment would be successful. It was. The next step was to view this validation rule live in production. Few things gave him more satisfaction than seeing his work live in a production org. Simply looking at the setup page for a given component would give him a high unlike anything else. As he navigated the setup menu to the validation rule he deployed only seconds ago the excitement rose. There it was, the link to open the validation rule, he clicked it.

Yes, the name looked wonderful. There is no better name for this validation rule than the one it has now he thought. It was active, beautiful. Yet has he viewed the body of the validation rule confusion overtook him. What has happen he thought! The formatting of the rule was completely destroyed! All of the time and effort put in to this validation rule to make it look beautiful was lost! It felt like the world around him was failing apart. Why would this happen, why to me? This rule was supposed to be the chosen one! Anger quickly filled his mind. Who did this? I will find them and I will make them fix it. He was consumed with rage but with no place to release these mountainous waves of anger he quickly began to lose control of his thoughts. His rage quickly transformed to paranoia. Somebody or something was out to get him. There was no other explanation. Why else would this happen to him. This paranoia ate away at him. He lost friends and avoided family. People that saw him said he was always mumbling something about formatting and validation rules but no one could fully understand what he was saying. This individual was never the same.

As you can see this story unfortunately came to a very tragic end for this man. Once, one of the greatest validation rule creators of our generation, he became reduced to a man with crazed thoughts and the inability to maintain a normal life. And to think…all of this could have been avoided if change sets maintained formatting. We can only hope that one day they do so this story does not repeat itself and others can continue with bringing wonderful validation rules to production orgs all around the world.