F5 Looking for a Salesforce.com Solution Developer


So I work at a little company called F5 Networks…well we just had a $1 billion dollar year so I guess it is not that small, but we are looking for a Salesforce.com Solution Developer. Salesforce.com Solution Developer? What the heck is that? Knowing Apex, Visualforce, APIs, web services, JSON, XML, AJAX, databases, etc are all perfect skills for this position. Yet this position is not all development all the time. It is about developing full well rounded solutions. This means in addition to some of the more technical skills I already listed you also should know and enjoy working with custom objects, workflows, validation rules, formula fields etc. Heck, let’s throw in some integration work as well while we’re at it. A big piece of this role involves working directly with business units to understand their requirements, guide them at times, and quickly build applications that can be tweaked and adjusted based on feedback (think super agile). This also involves post deployment support. We also run very efficiently here as we currently have two admins/analysts and myself managing 1200+ users. This means there is also some day-to-day admin duties as well. As you can see this isn’t a pure development role so if you are looking for that… keep looking.

If this is something that sounds exciting to you please apply below and reach out to me with the contact form link above.

Salesforce.com Solution Developer Job Posting

And if you are wondering what F5 Networks as a company is like…it’s pretty cool…