I’m Jason Venable and this is my site. I currently work at Arrowpointe as the Director of Application Development building awesome mapping solutions. I oversee all technologies and development related to our customer facing products.

My story starts as an admin in 2007 but quickly started down the developer track becoming involved in both Apex and Visualforce. I’ve presented at Dreamforce more times than I can count on many aspects of Force.com development with respects to both back end and front end development.

I am a former Force.com MVP and current Salesforce.com MVP.

I spent my first 2 years of college at the University of Washington and then transferred to Seattle University. There I received my degree in Business Administration with a focus on E-Commerce and Information Systems.

If I’m not sitting in front of a computer you might be able to find me behind the wheel of a Spec Miata at the local track.

Home for me is currently Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Any views, opinions, or thoughts expressed on this site are mine, and do not reflect those of my employer.
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